Saturday, 5 January 2013

Chivs86 Poetry & Lyrics - Please Let Eminem M.C.

Been following em for a long time...
since his second album.
I got his first LP -

on tape cassete just to see -
what else he had;
Slim Shady,
and maybe i do think -

it was because of him
that i'm rapping.
I got every tune
even up to right now.

Everything that so far
has been put out.
So to to hear that
other people are let down,

I don't understand,
but what I do's -
he's just a man.
Letting people hear
some of the thoughts that he has,
and as careers go -
he hasn't done that bad.
So to me -
if he want's to make more that's just fine.

Another album with Royce Da 59" -
or whatever.
- Not well he better -
but another album it would be nice.
Which if he wants to do,
and release it's got my...

Approval, but I hope that it's on schedule -
Cos I'm excited. I'm not being skeptical.
Because another album well that would be cool.
So you lot if you're reading this - get off his balls,

Like an opportunist thieving Gym teacher,
and let him do it like the rest of us MC's do.

Because Eminem is cool.
and always will be
In our futures,
but also for his legacy.

A legend that still breathes - so get of his balls...
and In the future
Please let Eminem Mc.