Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Did We Kill The Dodo?

Chivz86 Poetry -
Did We Kill The Dodo?

What did we do though
that was so bad?
They say what we did
left the Dodo dead.

When we stole
from the last living Dodo's nest.
Ate the last yolk
from a Dodo's egg.
But, will we see those again?
we don't know yet.

What if we can make the right DNA set?

Well Scientists will.
It will be a safe bet
that one day they will
what more can we expect...
from Bio-tech?
the science that says
we might try again.
To make up
for all of the sins that we did
with a bid
to Resurrect all the dead

And gone of our species,
like all it takes is one mad genius,
to believe in this,
being possible
that one day we might again
see them live.
Life forms that have long been extinct.
because who knows
what our futures will predict?

With great minds
that will only grow more greater with time?
we've already sign some encouraging signs.
That we might be
why the Dodo bird died,

but by the way
playing god
it might survive

In the same breath

they might as well have never died
in the sense that we just might revive -

So they might as well still be alive
In the sense that if we really tried
then it could be just like
they never left
and we could all try eating Dodo Pie.
did the Dodo bird really die?
Ask this again in 20 more years time.

Man Eaters Of The Kumaon.

Chivs86 Poetry -
Man Eaters Of The Kumaon.
Man eaters will plan
to sneak up
from the trees,
hide their face beneath the leaves.
On the hunt,
the plan they keep up their sleeves,
Is to drag their prey
back down into the ravine.
The jungle
where helpless humans
will bleed
as the animals
that lost all fear start to feed.
Which to us we see
as a cause for our grief,
but to them we're seen
as a source of the meat.

That they like to eat,
and the reasons seen
are apparently caused by injuries.
Or deformities
that have made them more weak,
gave them a taste
for us poor human beings.
Who to catch and to kill
seem like are more easy
than the fauna
their normal habitats breeds,

because we're more slow and weak
and too stupid to realize
when we've been seen.
But what does this mean,
that now we are not at the top
of the food chain?

because from the moment
we grew brains
well we've slain a load
to the point that the total
kills have taken their toll,
Drove the man eater away from it's home.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

3 Degrees Of Separation.

 Chivs86 Poetry -  
3 Degrees of Seperation.

The great divide
between our lives
is getting smaller.
The internet is breaking
communication barriers.

The theory thinks 
that we're only away
from one person-
2 people apart
from a conversation.
So think about 
everyone who you know,
who they might know,
and you can kind of get the picture;
Of how close we really are,
to with anybody, getting familiar.

But what's the silly part, 
well, what seems a joke
is we couldn't talk to someone 
who lives in the North Pole.
Well.. no,
It depends if they're online in their homes.

Even if they do live in an igloo, 
Well so! 
What if they've got an iphone?

So If anybody said
that this world is to small,
Well in today's world -
it's almost the truth.

Nobody's elusive to us,
no more-
That's the thing,
Nothing is quite how it seems.
Technology is not the same,
There's only 3 degrees left, that separate.


The Tower Of Babel

Chivz86 Poetry -
The Tower of Babel
Angels will fly
& Devils used to
they built up to the skies
past the Moon
with Human tools
on the table
and there was
the Tower of Babel.
Or so the Bible says
that when every man
of earth united
Our God was frightened
and threatened
by the ladder
that led up to the Heavens.
So to make sure it never did
the land that we had where we lived
was separated,
Atlantis sunk
and we learned languages.

We changed in pigment
and in time became all different.
So In the myth that was written
the moral is if every man on earth living -
Lost their hate for the love
It would seal our gates shut
from the great above
because, if Aliens come,
and we couldn't fight
because we put down our guns

Our days on earth would be up
The main reason
why god had the tower crushed.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Chivs86 Lyrics - The Age Of Dawn

Chivs86 Poetry -
The Age of Dawn.

They Made Scars
They showed the whole
World was ours -
For the taking,
We killed all the Dinosaurs.
As Cavemen-
with an appetite for more
became a danger,
through our creations.
Like the Art of war,
painted drawings
on the side of cave walls.
We was the work of god
but if they see us then
we was more like Satan's spawn.
In the age of dawn.
Way before we ever found our
faith in god,
We was making sure
throughout the ice age
we had enough animal fur.

To keep ourselves warm
To find our salvation
throughout the snowstorm's.
To ride the weather out then
to help ensure
our survival.
To fight another day in our cycle's.
We done what we did
become savages,
turned our blood lust
towards animals
and if they ever thought that we couldn't
get more ravenous
we had families

That multiplied,
and as the population rose
of human kind,
It showed in our feuds and fights
that our violence was at an all time high.
They sent Jesus to try
calm things down
we still crucified.
& we've blamed it on the Jews for time,but the truth is,we betrayed him not Judas.
When all he ever wanted
was to tutor us
about Lucifer,
but we removed him.
When he really could of been our saviour..
He really Could have been our Savior
but we chose not
to take him up
On his offer
of saving us

Now all we have left is a change of heart
When now it's much to
much to
late to right our wrongs
we thought we got it right
when we got it wrong
we thought we got it right
but we got it wrong
Now we can't go back to the age of dawn.

Chivs86 Poetry - E-VoluTioN

Chivs86 Poetry -

We was happy to hunt deer & Bison
& when the lions come-
we was frightened.

So We swapped our 
bows arrows for guns
Sportsmanship & having fun

-For Fighting

We weren't ready for farming or organization
& although that we liked it
It just weren't enough
Why we evolved into murderers.

Warfare became the burden of us
The same humankind
who once learnt to love

Had developed Hate
fed by our rage
Aggravation - criminality & pain.
Our evolution  
Soon developed into slavery
Institutions & Persecuting
Separation, rape & prostitution
for econom(ic) acclimatization

of each & every other

the creation of pain that we all have to suffer
Like something missing from us sisters & brothers
Love hidden from the monsters we've become.
But where did it all start going wrong?
Can we really blame Adam & Eve for their spawn?
and are we Victims from the day were first born,
Of societys lock? Where will it all stop?
Will we find peace for all,
on this planet, or as astronauts break the rules?
On other planets, As We evolve,
Will we create more problems
as more problems get solved?
Only Time will really know
what we're doing
a big part of our E-volution. 


Chivs86 Poetry - Time Won't Let me Be.

Chivs86 Poetry  
My Time Won't Let Me.

As each day pass, 
and I grow old so fast;
I see love as it escapes -
from my beating heart.
Sat in front 
of my picture frame
with a paint brush,
and as the time goes by 
I can't make it up.
Feel like I just can't make it enough. 
Give myself enough time 
to finish up.
At this rate, 
because I'm losing this race;
and I've lost my belief in fate.
The idea I might 
get to,
see what's beyond the gates;

of a place where people pray 
that one day they may 
one day 
come and stay,
but as for me where heaven waits.

Would never condone my mistakes,
so left with my only hopes 
that someway 
I can make mine I have left - 
all the best,
with all eyes on my precious destiny.
I have to think that possibly,
that there's no such thing 
as anything - 
out there that's not for me,
and the idea that time 
won't let me be.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Starchild Lost

Chivs86 Poetry -  

Starchild Lost.


Once upon a time..
there once lived..
In a mountain range,
so it was said -
That a civilization, 
were made to give
birth to a crop of human hybrids.
to a whole different kind of kids.
Earth like,
but of space bound origins.
As the story goes, 
from a long time ago,
way back then in ancient mexico.

Of one half ours,
the other half from the stars;
Their plan was that here -
their lives would start
Till grown up, coming of age 
their time to depart.
Left a whole motherhood
full of broken hearts.

They couldn't bare
to see the day come,
waving to their babies,
leaving in a space hub.
After so much time... 
They watched em growing up,
and knowing
that they're going to be going off.

Which was, Way too much (to ask)
For one mother & she paid the ultimate cost...


The story of a Starchild lost
One Mother,
who didn't want her son discovered.
So knowing it was the day before they came,
she took her Starchild for walk to the caves...
and was never saw again.
Her or her little half Alien.
Well not until - 
One day hundreds of years
into the future
a young girl found a skull
that was unusual.

Not completely human
the story that was printed out in the news
and ever since then nobody has forgot
The skull from the story of the Starchild lost.

The story of the Starchild Lost...
One mother
and she paid the ultimate cost.
For the little baby from day one she watched
become the son that she grew to love.

She couldn't bare to see the day come
of waving to her little son flying off.
So instead
she took her little boy and hid
till the day when
they were found both dead.
A long time afterwards.
She took her own life, sent her soul of to god
and as for the Starchild Lost.
A sad story that we almost forgot.
It still lives on...
As an important part of evidence.


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

8 Miles Down The Road From Tavistock

Chivz86 Poetry -

8 Miles Down
the Road
from Tavistock
If you're down the Moors...
then why not, take a look
8 miles down the road
from Tavistock?
Because here lay thy withered home
of the spirited land, of Whiddecombe.

Best known for its fair,
but in 1638 the despair,
when the Devil came round here
on October the 31st to the Church.
During the middle of a Service,
and tied up his Horse
to a pinnacle to search,

For a Man he had heard
was sat around the back
and playing cards

A Card Player on the run

and this is where the four aces
legend comes from.
Where the four field's come from
in the shape's of a Heart, Diamond,
Spade and a Club.
Where the four fields came from-
when this card player got carried off
By the devil that he chose over god
It's said to be the same four cards
that he dropped

but what a shock
on this day
It's what the Demon had done.
what he forgot-In his fury
that his horse 
was still tied upwhen he tried to ride off
and many it's said did die as a result

when the lightening bolt had struck

and the pinnacle came crashing down on top
the whole village was lost
8 miles down the road from Tavistock
but still about in the rumors around;
that Whiddecombe is a known Ghost Town.