Friday, 30 August 2013

Chivs86 Poetry - Free Energy Source


Born in July 1856 the scientist known today as Nikolas Tesla was a man famous for many things including his contributions to the design of the modern A/C electrical supply system, and X-Ray technology.  Regarded by many to be one of the greatest inventors of this day, and age it is also within the theories of some that Tesla's real breakthrough is the biggest kept secret of the century.

See video at 36:40

So basically won't go on too much, but I watched this video yesterday, and in a nutshell it says about how Tesla's work was carefully monitored by his financial backer Wall street mogul 'JP Morgan'.  Who it mentions didn't want some of these ideas getting out.  Plus also it mentions about the seizure by the FBI of all Teslas equipment after his death.  Things which I have pointed out in the poem below.  Mainly though I'd say this work is about the idea of free energy.
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Chivs86 Poetry -
Free Energy Supply.

Oh what a mess!
Nikolas Tesla –
Knew what was best,
but his investor
‘JP Morgan’,
a man at the heart
of the stock market
knew better than this!

To let this! Serbian
work when his work to create electric

could seriously mess up his finances -
get away with what he intended.

Free energy
Perpetual motion,
An end to the profits of Petrol Stations.
Perhaps a solution
to the world’s starvation -
like imagine if we could drive round all day -

without ever running out,
and we didn’t need no fossil fuels out the ground.
Just a generator
incredible by nature but wait...
if what this scientist made

was possible
why are things this way?
Are we silenced away
from the cutting edge of science?

Something that could -
stop the violence,
and blood being spilled over oil fields.
I mean
you would think the appeal
of a greener planet
might be enough if this was real!

but what’s even realer still
is if this type of technology
was revealed...

How would these businesses feel
and these corporate tycoons
if they were to lose –
out on the oil wells.
The thing that’ keep’s us under their spell.

So to see the end of BP, and Shell...
they would rather see us in hell.
So this is the truth I well tell...
about Tesla,
and his investor.

‘JP Morgan’
was not impressed,
with the best of Tesla’s work as of yet.
This free energy source!
So he!
Didn’t invest any more -
in this future...
which according to rumors
was confiscated by J Edgar Hoover.

(The famous F.B.I. - gay guy)
This future
on that day when Tesla died,

But what did he find?
Was it too much to be commercialized?
This future...
that should have been in our time -

Our future
with a free energy supply!