Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Chivs86 Poetry – Cannabis Cures

Chivs86 Poetry – Cannabis Cures


Bob Marley...
probably would have said
the same thing -

There's nothing wrong with it;
Blazing a Spliff...

...With taking a hit
from the bong
like Cypress Hill.

Like Cheech & Chong
getting high until...

Your eyes turn redder
than a red devil...

Seeing red like a BULL!

Till blood shot ain't the word,
but just think of this
as a gift from Mother Earth.

Put here
on this planet of HERS,
as HER
MOST magnificent herb,

..and not just
for the spliff that you burn,
but as PROOF
that some miracles work...

 Some miracles WORK!

...Just type Rick Simpson in
and press search.

Do your research!

Ask Winston?

there is no better way to chill...

Plus it’s safer than cigarettes
which kill
alcohol, and even aspirin pills.

proven by scientists
No one has ever died from cannabis.
Something that has got several benefits
for many things,
and for many people...
it’s a medicine.

Is a treatment for SEIZURES
& Diabetes,
and even Cancer.

Which perhaps is unbelievable
but if you ask me
the only thing that is...
- is it's illegal.

Though maybe not...
when It was because of two people
who had their own reasons

With their film about reefer
To instill fear
of weed smoking negroes.
(Reefer Madness)

This could of put an end to Kemo
but instead
they wanted to make money more.

Anslinger & Randolph Hearst!

They covered up this good name up in DIRT

Called it Marijuana
A name which then people didn't know.

Not even the farmers
who used this crop to make hemp paper.
Who amongst many OTHERS....
never would have let this slide
if they’d of knew.

But back to the hemp paper -
this was a threat
to the industry of timber.

Which made a lot of
business men scared
because people at the time
grew it in their back gardens.

So a widely available drug
that could also save the trees being cut.

An answer to deforestation
and worst of all people were using it as fuel...

Plus a threat to Pharmaceuticals’
this was the future
of course they knew.

Why else would they sell such lies
to have this crop illegalized?

Question yourself this why?

If you’re reading this now -
have you ever got high?

Have you ever had that
kind of feeling inside -

Of no pain in your life?

Well then -
if you haven’t yet tried it yet

Type in cannabis cures on the internet!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Chivs86 Poetry - Regeneration.

Chivs86 Poetry - Regeneration.

 I survived the blast
even though half of my tardis
is as a result of this...
looking rather blasted.
My time has run out
i run around being too smart.
A know it all
in a blue box,
with a pair of binoculars.

Looking quite perculiar
a ghost in the night..
nothing spookier!

...People got scared of this tool

I had to sharpen it
to transform
into a full - William Hartnell!

A mad looking
Pat Troughton!

No Doubt

A John Pertwee
at first thing
in the morning
Getting my knees dirty.
Saying some horrible things...
I do regret -
Like off my back
it's no sweat.
But as the 4th Dr
Tom Baker no shit
with the long scarf
i used to go raving...

and transform even then to Peter Davison

transform even then into Colin Baker

To wake up every morning -
feeling like someone else...

Used to feel like the real McCoy
last of the legends.
Never was a fan of Mcgann
but Had them all round my premises
never see the big picture that clear
no telescope...
To Settle on the sight
I was Hurt
I'm now Eccleston
Died and i was that can of Tennant's

the greatest times of my life.

They couldn't  kill me as Mr Smith

I rolled over on the floor

My name is now ...

Dr Who - 1 - 4 (14)

Cos D.T he died twice

times that i spent in my life
in the scrap yard.
and somehow it escaped me...
like the Valeyard
Trying to to find some luck
on the scratch cards

But I'm still this same person
Who you know..

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cinderella Man

Chivs86 Lyrics presents...

Cinderella Man.

Empty whiskey bottles and drunk stella cans...

if i tell you i love you
then it’s only for one second -
Whilst this shit is in me
I hope you can understand...
that i lost my glass slipper
I’m Cinderella man!

Cos  after i’ve had a kip on my pillow
i wake up as a completely different man

that gave you the slip of the tongue
After a few cans
I said i love YOU
How about that?

I got drunk
treated facebook like a dating site
an opportunity if there ever was one - to be my wife
My katy perry i could have been russell brand
whilst this shit was in me
Cinderella as a man

A rockfella like dame dash and jay –z
for a split second
i wanted us 2 to make babies.
but i woke up
& thought what the fuck i’m thinking
in a target range suddenly like Abraham Lincoln

But for this single moment
im hoping that we can
be in love
as Ciderella & Cinderella man...

I woke up and
i did not remember a thing
so darling
please forget the wedding ring
and all the rest of that
Even if you have found my missing slipper
and ting.

I don’t mean to offend you
but this glass ball
is now shattered glass...
into shards...

All over my carpet -
I shared this moment with you

I hate being alone
in my home of lost souls secluded
Drunk bursting into flames
like I can’t hold it in
so I’m calling out names.

Because I want you to be dame
above average
with real tits
no dame Edna Everage.
Have a cleavage
& a low cut dress
Fuck yess
Give me your Beaver Bevis
and the bright white teeth
of your butt ugly head
fuck me silly
when i’m
tryna go to sleep.

And do it for nothing...
^^^like my African slave
from Mozambique.
Put your tongue to my cheek
and lets make
young human beings.

Give me a seeing to without seeing
what happens afterwards
help me to understand
why misses Ciderella
loves the Cinderella man?

Through Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter.