Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Chivs86 Poetry -
Farewell Oh Sheriff..

They chopped it down.
Our Sheriff has now left this town.
Lost his Place...
at The O.T public house,
Where he got rooted
up from the ground.

But is he gone
has he been muted
Is he dead,
Or has he just been moved.

Such an iconic object, a lot to lose
Somebody who quite well
I have knew.

For a long time now
Where has he gone -
the reason behind me writing this song?
The reason why that I'm feeling lost?
And the reason why that I don't know what -

has just happened!

It has but i'm thinking has it -
really disappeared off into the traffic?
The big man that was behind all the magic
for many happy small little kids.

Who down his big slide have slid,

Kept busy while their carers had a drink.

But now that this Tree has seen the door,.
Who wants to drink at the Tree anymore?

Without this big man of the law,

now a big empty space on the Orange Tree lawn.

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