Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Did We Kill The Dodo?

Chivz86 Poetry -
Did We Kill The Dodo?

What did we do though
that was so bad?
They say what we did
left the Dodo dead.

When we stole
from the last living Dodo's nest.
Ate the last yolk
from a Dodo's egg.
But, will we see those again?
we don't know yet.

What if we can make the right DNA set?

Well Scientists will.
It will be a safe bet
that one day they will
what more can we expect...
from Bio-tech?
the science that says
we might try again.
To make up
for all of the sins that we did
with a bid
to Resurrect all the dead

And gone of our species,
like all it takes is one mad genius,
to believe in this,
being possible
that one day we might again
see them live.
Life forms that have long been extinct.
because who knows
what our futures will predict?

With great minds
that will only grow more greater with time?
we've already sign some encouraging signs.
That we might be
why the Dodo bird died,

but by the way
playing god
it might survive

In the same breath

they might as well have never died
in the sense that we just might revive -

So they might as well still be alive
In the sense that if we really tried
then it could be just like
they never left
and we could all try eating Dodo Pie.
did the Dodo bird really die?
Ask this again in 20 more years time.

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