Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cinderella Man

Chivs86 Lyrics presents...

Cinderella Man.

Empty whiskey bottles and drunk stella cans...

if i tell you i love you
then it’s only for one second -
Whilst this shit is in me
I hope you can understand...
that i lost my glass slipper
I’m Cinderella man!

Cos  after i’ve had a kip on my pillow
i wake up as a completely different man

that gave you the slip of the tongue
After a few cans
I said i love YOU
How about that?

I got drunk
treated facebook like a dating site
an opportunity if there ever was one - to be my wife
My katy perry i could have been russell brand
whilst this shit was in me
Cinderella as a man

A rockfella like dame dash and jay –z
for a split second
i wanted us 2 to make babies.
but i woke up
& thought what the fuck i’m thinking
in a target range suddenly like Abraham Lincoln

But for this single moment
im hoping that we can
be in love
as Ciderella & Cinderella man...

I woke up and
i did not remember a thing
so darling
please forget the wedding ring
and all the rest of that
Even if you have found my missing slipper
and ting.

I don’t mean to offend you
but this glass ball
is now shattered glass...
into shards...

All over my carpet -
I shared this moment with you

I hate being alone
in my home of lost souls
...here secluded
Drunk bursting into flames
like I can’t hold it in
so I’m calling out names.

Because I want you to be dame
above average
with real tits
no dame Edna Everage.
Have a cleavage
& a low cut dress
Fuck yess
Give me your Beaver Bevis
and the bright white teeth
of your butt ugly head
fuck me silly
when i’m
tryna go to sleep.

And do it for nothing...
^^^like my African slave
from Mozambique.
Put your tongue to my cheek
and lets make
young human beings.

Give me a seeing to without seeing
what happens afterwards
help me to understand
why misses Ciderella
loves the Cinderella man?

Through Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter.

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