Monday, 25 November 2013

Chivs86 Poetry - Regeneration.

Chivs86 Poetry - Regeneration.

 I survived the blast
even though half of my tardis
is as a result of this...
looking rather blasted.
My time has run out
i run around being too smart.
A know it all
in a blue box,
with a pair of binoculars.

Looking quite perculiar
a ghost in the night..
nothing spookier!

...People got scared of this tool

I had to sharpen it
to transform
into a full - William Hartnell!

A mad looking
Pat Troughton!

No Doubt

A John Pertwee
at first thing
in the morning
Getting my knees dirty.
Saying some horrible things...
I do regret -
Like off my back
it's no sweat.
But as the 4th Dr
Tom Baker no shit
with the long scarf
i used to go raving...

and transform even then to Peter Davison

transform even then into Colin Baker

To wake up every morning -
feeling like someone else...

Used to feel like the real McCoy
last of the legends.
Never was a fan of Mcgann
but Had them all round my premises
never see the big picture that clear
no telescope...
To Settle on the sight
I was Hurt
I'm now Eccleston
Died and i was that can of Tennant's

the greatest times of my life.

They couldn't  kill me as Mr Smith

I rolled over on the floor

My name is now ...

Dr Who - 1 - 4 (14)

Cos D.T he died twice

times that i spent in my life
in the scrap yard.
and somehow it escaped me...
like the Valeyard
Trying to to find some luck
on the scratch cards

But I'm still this same person
Who you know..

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