Monday, 22 October 2012

Chivs86 Poetry - Tears of a Clown

Chivs86 Poetry - Tears of a Clown

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As old as laughter.
You know who you are.

Not the Ringmaster
but the main show -

there for making Jokes.

Though sad yes it is
when all the people go home

and the Circus Man
is then all alone...

The other side
what people don't know..

of the Funny Man.
All of a sudden he's sad.

Has nothing left to do
but to practice on his act.

He's got nobody and that's a fact.

So as he drown in his sorrow
thinking roll on tomorrow.
When nobody's watching him -
out the window.

What he really thinks -

is somehow he doesn't know
is how that an all time high
can make him feel so low.


The life of the party and soul.

Always doing something silly
normally at his own...
but why though?
Is what he doesn't know.
Is how that an all time high
can make him feel so low.

At the end of the show -

Like If only he had
a Friend when he went.. 
Back home!

Instead of only being known
for his jokes...


So with his big red nose,and his feet that poke...
into his funny shoes
ready for his next show.

but as he looks back
at the unicycle he rode 

 this funny man
really is not in the mood,

because under this big brave face
this is the truth..
If some people,
if they only knew

that behind all of this humor

this funny man
really is not amused.


Because how would you like it -
if you was the fool
and people never stopped laughing.

Made to wear make up as a mask -

thick enough to hide the pain
in your heart. 

So next time you laugh -
Now understand
underneath that it's hard -

To be this Star of the Show

because everybody on this Earth has a Soul.

Even the most funniest of Clowns.
They get sad like the rest of us somehow.

Though never when in front of his crowd
will you ever see
the True Tears of a Clown!


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