Thursday, 18 October 2012

Chivs86 Lyrics - Lady Macbeth

Inspired by the song by 2pac - Changes
& Macbeth by William Shakespere.

The seeds of mistrust have now been planted -
That's just the way it is.
Yeah Yeah Yeah!
Things will never be the same again.

As when we both first fell in love -
Now detest -
Since the moment you became Macbeth's...

Lady Precious -
Now I can't get the picture out of my head
Of back then when we first met
Oh heck
what happened to us since then?

Pain and Upset.
I wonder
what happened to trust since then?
Since when that we was both friends.
Now things now can't ever be the same again.

And that's just the way it is.
Yeah Yeah Yeah!
Things will never be the same again.

Since when we both first fell in love,
Now detest -
from the moment you became Macbeth's.

Verse 1

I Wonder -
how ever did you steal my thunder?
Your comfort how did it become so sun burnt?
& did you have to get drunk first?
Or was it like one word,
and you come running like you just heard -
Your problems would get solved -
like a Crossword -
& you thought If you went with him,
It might work -
It might work
but why then was it whilst i was still at work?
That you was at home and getting served.
When I didn't know
what you was getting up to.
Which hurt,
more than I can put in words
Next man in the bed with my bird.

So was it because i deserved it?
An accident,
or did you do it on purpose -
to hurt me more
than I have ever been hurting
been hurt before?

To have me begging like a desperate virgin.
Emerging into cracks on the surface
Bursting out in to tears over you,
or did you know that he'd be doomed -
to his death
because of you my Lady Macbeth

My Lady Precious,
Now I can't the picture out of my head,
Of both you and him in the bed
Now he's dead!
because of you, Mrs Lady Macbeth.


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Story & Inspiration.

My poem 'Lady Macbeth' is the story of love, and betrayal between a man, and a woman.  It mirrors the story of Shakespere's Macbeth.  The story of an old Earl of Scotland (Macbeth) who's power hungry wife was the manipulator behind several murders leading to his ascension to the throne.

My version though I'd describe as a bit more of a modern take on this.  Essentially in the sense that because of this Woman's actions the Man in this poem / story commits a murder.  Perhaps being the reason for the Woman's betrayal.

Now about the title of this poem I actually studied Shakespere, and Macbeth a few years back for part of my English GCSE.  Always liked the story - so when I woke up when morning, with the 2pac song Changes playing on my mind the two ideas kind of fused to manifest as this poem.

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