Thursday, 18 October 2012

Chivs86 Poetry Presents ...

Did (Committed) Multiple Sins.

People keep on telling me
I'm not as old as I think
but for what I've done already
I don't feel 26.

Just ill when I think
about all the things I've did

I've been a criminal,
since the age of 13.

Living as proof
for the stuff I've been through,
which when look back at
Does not amuse!,
because looking at me
is how youngsters shouldn't be
I remember those words my dad said to me..

About honesty!

But are they in vain?
When I've stole cars, and sold cocaine.

Rode on an emotional train WRECK!

and what a hopeless mess that I've made.

Respect for myself has gone down the drain
Doctors keep on telling me
that I've gone in the brain.
Fallen back in to the culture to binge
and I've already did (committed)
Multiple Sins.

Vandalism, and shoplifting
Gifting my kin with Broken promises

with a loss of accomplishment.
like a convict,
because all I have left
is a crisis of conscience.

that keeps falling back in to the culture to binge
and I've already did (committed) Multiple Sins.

An influence on others that they'd rather not get
and now I'm sorry for all the people I've upset.

With my past, a glass full of regrets

& I'm sorry
but I can't change any of it.

Cos I'm a loser that's lost too much now to win

& I've already did committed Multiple Sins.



I wrote this poem as an assignment for but kind of wanted to expose it a little better as this website is very minimal of imagery, and doesn't allow the author to associate there self with readers to a very great extent.

About this poem though - first things first please ignore the picture of the horse.  That is for a comical purposes only, but otherwise I have done a few things I am not proud of.  So this poem is about that  I wrote this piece when I was 26 - I am now 27, and it was really about spending half of my life getting in trouble.  Not much else really.  I got the title 'Multiple Sins' and used that to reflect a little bit about my past.  Some of the trouble I've been in, and that was it. 

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