Wednesday, 18 July 2012

8 Miles Down The Road From Tavistock

Chivz86 Poetry -

8 Miles Down
the Road
from Tavistock
If you're down the Moors...
then why not, take a look
8 miles down the road
from Tavistock?
Because here lay thy withered home
of the spirited land, of Whiddecombe.

Best known for its fair,
but in 1638 the despair,
when the Devil came round here
on October the 31st to the Church.
During the middle of a Service,
and tied up his Horse
to a pinnacle to search,

For a Man he had heard
was sat around the back
and playing cards

A Card Player on the run

and this is where the four aces
legend comes from.
Where the four field's come from
in the shape's of a Heart, Diamond,
Spade and a Club.
Where the four fields came from-
when this card player got carried off
By the devil that he chose over god
It's said to be the same four cards
that he dropped

but what a shock
on this day
It's what the Demon had done.
what he forgot-In his fury
that his horse 
was still tied upwhen he tried to ride off
and many it's said did die as a result

when the lightening bolt had struck

and the pinnacle came crashing down on top
the whole village was lost
8 miles down the road from Tavistock
but still about in the rumors around;
that Whiddecombe is a known Ghost Town.

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