Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Man Eaters Of The Kumaon.

Chivs86 Poetry -
Man Eaters Of The Kumaon.
Man eaters will plan
to sneak up
from the trees,
hide their face beneath the leaves.
On the hunt,
the plan they keep up their sleeves,
Is to drag their prey
back down into the ravine.
The jungle
where helpless humans
will bleed
as the animals
that lost all fear start to feed.
Which to us we see
as a cause for our grief,
but to them we're seen
as a source of the meat.

That they like to eat,
and the reasons seen
are apparently caused by injuries.
Or deformities
that have made them more weak,
gave them a taste
for us poor human beings.
Who to catch and to kill
seem like are more easy
than the fauna
their normal habitats breeds,

because we're more slow and weak
and too stupid to realize
when we've been seen.
But what does this mean,
that now we are not at the top
of the food chain?

because from the moment
we grew brains
well we've slain a load
to the point that the total
kills have taken their toll,
Drove the man eater away from it's home.

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