Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Tower Of Babel

Chivz86 Poetry -
The Tower of Babel
Angels will fly
& Devils used to
they built up to the skies
past the Moon
with Human tools
on the table
and there was
the Tower of Babel.
Or so the Bible says
that when every man
of earth united
Our God was frightened
and threatened
by the ladder
that led up to the Heavens.
So to make sure it never did
the land that we had where we lived
was separated,
Atlantis sunk
and we learned languages.

We changed in pigment
and in time became all different.
So In the myth that was written
the moral is if every man on earth living -
Lost their hate for the love
It would seal our gates shut
from the great above
because, if Aliens come,
and we couldn't fight
because we put down our guns

Our days on earth would be up
The main reason
why god had the tower crushed.

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