Thursday, 19 July 2012

Starchild Lost

Chivs86 Poetry -  

Starchild Lost.


Once upon a time..
there once lived..
In a mountain range,
so it was said -
That a civilization, 
were made to give
birth to a crop of human hybrids.
to a whole different kind of kids.
Earth like,
but of space bound origins.
As the story goes, 
from a long time ago,
way back then in ancient mexico.

Of one half ours,
the other half from the stars;
Their plan was that here -
their lives would start
Till grown up, coming of age 
their time to depart.
Left a whole motherhood
full of broken hearts.

They couldn't bare
to see the day come,
waving to their babies,
leaving in a space hub.
After so much time... 
They watched em growing up,
and knowing
that they're going to be going off.

Which was, Way too much (to ask)
For one mother & she paid the ultimate cost...


The story of a Starchild lost
One Mother,
who didn't want her son discovered.
So knowing it was the day before they came,
she took her Starchild for walk to the caves...
and was never saw again.
Her or her little half Alien.
Well not until - 
One day hundreds of years
into the future
a young girl found a skull
that was unusual.

Not completely human
the story that was printed out in the news
and ever since then nobody has forgot
The skull from the story of the Starchild lost.

The story of the Starchild Lost...
One mother
and she paid the ultimate cost.
For the little baby from day one she watched
become the son that she grew to love.

She couldn't bare to see the day come
of waving to her little son flying off.
So instead
she took her little boy and hid
till the day when
they were found both dead.
A long time afterwards.
She took her own life, sent her soul of to god
and as for the Starchild Lost.
A sad story that we almost forgot.
It still lives on...
As an important part of evidence.


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