Tuesday, 24 July 2012

3 Degrees Of Separation.

 Chivs86 Poetry -  
3 Degrees of Seperation.

The great divide
between our lives
is getting smaller.
The internet is breaking
communication barriers.

The theory thinks 
that we're only away
from one person-
2 people apart
from a conversation.
So think about 
everyone who you know,
who they might know,
and you can kind of get the picture;
Of how close we really are,
to with anybody, getting familiar.

But what's the silly part, 
well, what seems a joke
is we couldn't talk to someone 
who lives in the North Pole.
Well.. no,
It depends if they're online in their homes.

Even if they do live in an igloo, 
Well so! 
What if they've got an iphone?

So If anybody said
that this world is to small,
Well in today's world -
it's almost the truth.

Nobody's elusive to us,
no more-
That's the thing,
Nothing is quite how it seems.
Technology is not the same,
There's only 3 degrees left, that separate.


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