Sunday, 22 July 2012

Chivs86 Poetry - E-VoluTioN

Chivs86 Poetry -

We was happy to hunt deer & Bison
& when the lions come-
we was frightened.

So We swapped our 
bows arrows for guns
Sportsmanship & having fun

-For Fighting

We weren't ready for farming or organization
& although that we liked it
It just weren't enough
Why we evolved into murderers.

Warfare became the burden of us
The same humankind
who once learnt to love

Had developed Hate
fed by our rage
Aggravation - criminality & pain.
Our evolution  
Soon developed into slavery
Institutions & Persecuting
Separation, rape & prostitution
for econom(ic) acclimatization

of each & every other

the creation of pain that we all have to suffer
Like something missing from us sisters & brothers
Love hidden from the monsters we've become.
But where did it all start going wrong?
Can we really blame Adam & Eve for their spawn?
and are we Victims from the day were first born,
Of societys lock? Where will it all stop?
Will we find peace for all,
on this planet, or as astronauts break the rules?
On other planets, As We evolve,
Will we create more problems
as more problems get solved?
Only Time will really know
what we're doing
a big part of our E-volution. 


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