Sunday, 22 July 2012

Chivs86 Poetry - Time Won't Let me Be.

Chivs86 Poetry  
My Time Won't Let Me.

As each day pass, 
and I grow old so fast;
I see love as it escapes -
from my beating heart.
Sat in front 
of my picture frame
with a paint brush,
and as the time goes by 
I can't make it up.
Feel like I just can't make it enough. 
Give myself enough time 
to finish up.
At this rate, 
because I'm losing this race;
and I've lost my belief in fate.
The idea I might 
get to,
see what's beyond the gates;

of a place where people pray 
that one day they may 
one day 
come and stay,
but as for me where heaven waits.

Would never condone my mistakes,
so left with my only hopes 
that someway 
I can make mine I have left - 
all the best,
with all eyes on my precious destiny.
I have to think that possibly,
that there's no such thing 
as anything - 
out there that's not for me,
and the idea that time 
won't let me be.

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